Thursday, September 20, 2018

Do you recognize the Muffin guy?

Do the Muffin guy?

My Son John = Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling

there was a little boy referred to as John. He become very playful. He played difficult at the playground and become exhausted while he were given home. His father informed him to get undressed and geared up for a tub. The little boy nodded and went straight to his room.

His father changed into expecting John at the rest room however he never got here. His father went to John’s room. He saw that John changed into already asleep in his bed completely clothed. And one shoe changed into off but one shoe became nonetheless on his proper foot.

His father took off John’s shoe and his trousers. He dressed him in his pyjamas and left him to sleep.

ethical of the tale :

avoid playing an excessive amount of till you're too tired to do something else. in case you play too much, you'll be worn-out and you may get very little time for study that is extra important than play.

Pussy is within the well.

as soon as upon a time, there was a very beneficial little pussy cat. The pussy cat killed all the mice in the farmer’s barn.

at some point, a bit boy known as Johnny inexperienced wanted to play with the pussy cat. Johnny played rough. He even tried to drown the pussy cat in a nicely. The pussy cat become terrified. It cried for help.

a touch boy known as Tommy Stout became strolling close to the nicely. He heard the pussy cat's cry from within the nicely. He went to the nicely and fast pulled the pussy cat out. The pussy cat was very happy.

moral of the story :

keep away from turning into a bully. Be helpful and type to animals. Then best you'll not be bullied within the future and your existence may be satisfied and non violent.

Do the Muffin guy?

One afternoon, Mrs. Darby became having tea together with her pal, Mrs Smith. on the desk, there had been two cups of tea and some cakes.

“Mmm, this muffin is delicious. Did you bake them your self?" requested Mrs Smith.

“No. absolutely i bought them from the muffin guy," spoke back Mrs Darby.

“The muffin guy?" asked Mrs Smith.

“sure, the muffin guy who lives in Drury Lane," said Mrs Darby.

“Oh yes, I recognize that muffin man," said Mrs Smith knowingly.

ethical of the tale :

share beneficial facts together with your pals. This manner you can get greater information in the destiny. The information may be of excellent assist to you as properly

A moral tale , clever Thief

Devan was a smart thief. He robbed the wealthy and gave all to the sick and the needy. the other thieves were jealous of him. They planned to remove him. They challenged to scouse borrow the King’s Pyjamas.

Deven generic the undertaking. After that he prepared to execute the brand new venture. He charted out a plan to steal the King. He prepared himself mentally to carry out a plan.

He went to the King’s Palace. He located the King sound asleep. He opened a bottle of red ants on the mattress. The King turned into badly bitten. He cried for assist. The servants rushed in. They pretended to look for ants. Deven removed the King’s Pyjamas and escaped. other thieves have been sell off based.

They familiar Deven their leader

A ethical story

Emperor Akbar became within the dependancy of putting riddles and puzzles to his courtiers. He frequently requested questions which had been atypical and witty. It took a lot wisdom to answer those questions.

once he asked a completely bizarre query. The courtiers had been dumb folded via his query.

Akbar glanced at his courtiers. As he regarded, one at a time the heads started to dangle low in search of an answer. It became at this second that Birbal entered the courtyard. Birbal who knew the nature of the emperor quick grasped the state of affairs and asked, "may additionally I recognise the question in order that i'm able to attempt for an answer".

Akbar said, "what number of crows are there on this town?"

with out even a second's notion, Birbal answered "There are fifty thousand five hundred and eighty nine crows, my lord".

"how can you be so certain?" requested Akbar.

Birbal said, "Make you men matter, My lord. if you locate extra crows it approach some have come to visit their spouse and children here. in case you find less quantity of crows it manner some have long gone to visit their loved ones elsewhere".

Akbar became pleased very a lot with the aid of Birbal's wit

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

ہم تو روتے تھے اسکی یاد میں

خوشنصیب ہیں ہم کے ملے آپ مجھے 
تنہا زندگی کے سفر میں ملا ساتھی انمول مجھے 
غم کے بادلوں نے کبھی گھیر رکھا تھا مجھے 
اب بادلوں کو چیر کے بھی سورج دیتا ہے روشنی مجھے 
اے دوست قسمت میں میرے اس سے پہلے اتنی خوشی کبھی نا تھی 
آپ نے ساتھ ہمارا دے کے درد کو بھلانا سکھا دیا مجھے 
ہم تو روتے تھے اسکی یاد میں 
دوست آپ نے آنسوؤں کو پینا سکھا دیا مجھے 
اس دھوکے باز نے تو مار ہی ڈالا تھا ہمیں 
دوستی کی طاقت سے جینا سکھایا آپ نے مجھے 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

لیکن پھر بھی دو آنکھوں سے

میں نے اس کو اتنا دیکھا
جتنا دیکھا جا سکتا تھا
لیکن پھر بھی دو آنکھوں سے
کتنا دیکھا جا سکتا تھا